What is ArtBUP?

ArtBUP is an online platform that helps artists and galleries to promote their works and communicate with potential buyers. Without any registration on site, visitors/users have the possibility to search for the artwork using the filter bar, contact artists, galleries or art dealers to organise the meeting for preview and purchase of the artwork.

Registered users, for instance, have the possibility to use the features like: publish FOR FREE the artwork for sale or promotion and pay ZERO % commission from sale, subscribe to the artist or gallery of interest and follow the new artworks, add the paintings to their own watch list, send messages to sellers in order to negotiate for inclusion in an exhibition or purchase.

ArtBUP gives the opportunity for prospective buyers to search for the artworks, contact the seller on the given contact channels, make prior agreements regarding preview and purchase of the artwork.

For whom is the ArtBUP platform and its features created?

The ArtBUP platform can be of interest to artists and galleries who have the opportunity to promote themselves and paintings and find potential buyers. ArtBUP is also the great tool for collectors who are interested in purchasing artworks. A special feature of the service is linking to the geolocation. Using geolocation in mobile apps, you can easily track and view artworks in specific locations.

ArtBUP is the global painting platform. We focus on PAINTING and all the artwork types around it like: drawing, collage etc. We do not deal with photography, sculpture and other types of visual arts.

I am an artist and I want to add a picture. How can I do it?

On the main page of site in the main menu you will find a button - ADD PAINTING. It is enough for the user to go in this section and follow the prompts to download the image of the artwork (the front and back sides of the artwork) and fill in the description fields of the artwork. Then publish the artwork.

How many pictures may I publish?

At the current stage you are able to publish 50 pictures on the permanent basis.

How much does it cost me to publish the picture on the ArtBUP platform?

ArtBUP platform is FREE OF CHARGE and ZERO % COMMISION from sale.

What is an artwork ID?

This is a unique code of the painting, which is assigned to the artwork at the moment of loading the picture on the service and is an indicator of the artwork for the entire period of time until the picture is published on the platform. At the time of removing the artwork from the platform, the ID of the artwork is also deleted.

What is Watch list?

This is a selection of pictures in your dashboard that you make according to your preferences and interests. You always have access to it. With the help of the Watchlist, it is very convenient to track the object of your interest. Moreover, the owner of the artwork sees (if you allow this) his own pictures in your Watchlist and has the opportunity to offer you a more favorable price.

I am a collector and I want to choose an artwork according to certain criteria. How can I do it?

There are various types of filters available for the users to find out the artworks they look for. First of all - location. You can track pictures that are published in any city and in any country in the world. If you are located in the same city as the painting, you have the possibility to see it live before you purchase it. In addition, it is possible to filter artworks by date of placement, size, price range. You can also enter the search genre of works and the system will find the appropriate hashtag and give the desired result.

How can I subscribe to a picture seller?

If an artwork seller meets your preference or professional interests, you can track him by clicking FOLLOW button in that seller's account.

How can I contact a picture seller?

Each registered user has a CONTACT button, just click on it, and then the contact form will appear. Depending on the settings of the seller's personal profile, various contact forms (telephone number, email, address) may be displayed in the contact form.

Do I need to be a registered user to have the possibility to search and contact the seller?

No, you do not have to be a registered user on the website to search and contact the seller. But, a not registered user, unfortunately, can not use the variety of interesting website features.

How can I share the artwork that I liked, with friends?

Just press the SHARE button and select the distribution channel for the work. In addition, you can also send a link by email selecting the appropriate icon and entering the recipient's email address.

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